After thoughts : Honey & Clover


it’s a long and tedious process, as a matter of fact.

for i was unable to get the story and was re-reading it so as to understand the plot stories better. and due to money issues[cash-strapped currently @_@], i got my copy of the last volume just yesterday.

Honey & Clover isnt your normal romance genre at all.

It’s about life itself, and that makes how wonderful is Honey & Clover actually is.

You cant find dashing guys in it[they have weird guys though….like Morita and Mayuma] as male lead nor ravishing beauty as female lead having a so-good-to-be-true relationship under the sun…

it’s one of the book that doesnt require lotas fanservice so as to get audience to get hooked onto. it’s the narration of the story, those simple details.

the characters was well-illustrated, you can sense as if they were alive and something to relate onto.

btw, despite the 2 mentioned above are weird, they happened to be one of the faves. Morita used to top my chart but was beaten down by Mayuma as soon i heard that he was seiyuu-ed by Sugita Tomokazu[the seiyuu behind Rin from Shuffle!, Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu]

lool, is this what people call bias-ness? hahahas

anyways, i highly recommend people who likes slice-of-life genre to read Honey & Clover if they havent done so. It’s really one of the classic i ever read ^^


2 Responses to “After thoughts : Honey & Clover”

  1. Lunalesreveur Says:

    haru! thanks for sharing! do you know what’s the best place in the net to get a copy of the Manga version? If it’s not much of a hassle you can email me some info… but it’s ok if you can’t ^^

    by the way if you like this i suggest you read Bokura Ga Ita ^^ it also has an anime version

    thanks again!

  2. Tsugari Says:

    hello fellow honey and clover fan! 😀

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t provide you with any details purchasing the cope since I got mine from the stores ^^;;

    as for Bokura ga ita, homg…you sure understand me well. I watched the anime as a matter of fact but I had yet to touch on the manga version.

    Thanks for your recommendation! ^^

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