Dragonaut – the reasonace-


*i apologize for no images this time round >__<lll 

after hearing a couple of times of the OP[perfect blue by ATSUMI], the song hit on me and now it is into my one list of hawt favorite songs. lol

however, i wasnt really impressed by the animation[probably i watched too much bishoujo animes] i find the animation was rather disappointing though >_> even though the story itself is good.

looks to me the series is worth watching, will continue to watch this series![not because of those naked guys scenes, i swear!]

there’s still of couple of fall animes that i have left unwatched, say, Shana 2, Genshiken 2, ef ~ a tale of memories~, Ghost Hound, as well as Myself ; Yourself.

kyaa…need moar time nano desu!! D:

ps: Clannad FTW! am hooked up totally especially the kaii ED.. > //< makes me wanna bake some bread that has a cracker inside and force someone to swallow it all up and he/she has to say it is nice. mwaha


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