no time!



and i finally have time to spare to watch Get Rea![although it was a repeat telecast, and i finally reminded myself to watch it] today cause i was told that they will be talking about the Odex saga and one of the local anime blogger zer0 is also being interviewed about his thoughts towards this particular issue.[ever since he attracted 4 riot police buses due to the photo taking session of the mini figurine protest against Odex]

it is impressive for him to do that, cause i will never do that even i was one of the enraged anime fans. i failed as a proclaimed fangirl. anyways, i digress. >_>
there’s was also other 2 more people who also got interviewed as well, but they were the ones who had received the holy letter. Obviously they arent very happy about it and was mentioning about things that had been raised repeatedly again and again in the forums. [but then again, probably they got interviewed long ago so i cant really comment much =x]

but overall Get Rea! is rather interesting, cause not only the odex fiasco is being mentioned, there’s also about how many surveillance cameras do we actually have stored in our tiny island[it’s quite a stunning number, though i cant remember much about the figures x_x]


watched Minami-ke today, the 3 sisters got me roaring in laughter. While looking upon at Kana’s weird and strange actions in the anime, reminded me of Morita in Honey & Clover, i couldnt help but to agree that she’s like the female version of him itself.

and lols, Chiaki is a zettai ryouiki grade A user. LOLWIN!


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