*spin, spin, spin*


*really cant think of any appropriate post titles*


meh, im being teh bored for the day i guess.

damm, i just realised, i actually cannot niconico around using my school server.


the rozen maidens does this when they are mad, really. 

argh….screw the server filter system or whatever u name it.

Learnt how to use the Eclpise program for today, indeed i learnt something new today. However, i really am confused at the rate the lecturer is going about teaching the basics of the program. Here i was, trying to install the program[which comes in 3 different zip files separately] and there she was going through the swing components. D:

and left me into complete frenzy-ness cause i had no freaking clue what’s going on. geez.

RAWRZ! yea yea, im just that slow. >_> kthx

communication skills lessons was rather enjoyable though i just feel that time is going on a snail speed bias and usually it’s when times like this, lessons tend to be boring.

i ponder what sort of analogy can you call that. LOL


2 Responses to “*spin, spin, spin*”

  1. RK Says:

    Ah… Blocked sites are a pain in the ass. At the beginning of the year, they had blocked Babelfish, Google Translate (because they’re both “security threats”), Wikipedia, Reddit, etc, etc. One of the computer teachers said it: “The server worked the best when it was set up by a student… less is more.”

  2. Tsugari Says:

    @ PK
    You said it all!
    >__> to hell to school filter system!

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