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K-K-Konata Nendoroido!

October 3, 2007


I have always hold a great obsession towards Good Smile Company’s Nendoroido Series.

Unfortunately, thanks to current financial strapped status, i wasnt able to own any of the series yet.

however, tell me who can refuse a female gamer otaku Kotona Konata?

and it comes with one of famous food icon : the coronet.

and not forgetting the SOS Dan bag. :3


kyaaa…..aint she cute? >__< 4000 yen is rather cheap

予約期間 2007年9月10日2007年10月30日まで
発売元 キャラアニ
購入可能数 お一人様 5 個まで
決済方法 クレジット/コンビニ/郵便振替/代金引換/ネットコンビニ

find more about her here.


Yuki dominates you yo.

June 27, 2007



if there’s gonna be one of this coming into Singapore…im sure to raid one of the shops and get her asap.

`nuff said.

source of info : 

meh. not very interested to get Haruhi and Mikuru in that link above….^__^;

Shenhua is here.

June 27, 2007


and when spectacled girls in anime is appealing, so is one who handle double knives and speak…broken Chinese too.

MaxFactory Shenhua just came out of the hot oven not long ago[26th June 2007], and now….i probably might want to buy back this and had her to stand guard at my room, should any intruders came and can kill them with the double knives instantly…hahas…..

Or Should I…?