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Just in case you had no idea what’s a Zettai Ryouiki means

October 11, 2007

絶対領域[zettai ryouiki] or roughly translate it, and you will get “Absolute Territory”.

and the definition of this highly destructive moe element :

“Absolute territory” is the section of the skin that is exposed between the mini-skirt and the overknee socks. The ideal ratio should be 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt : absolute territory : length of overknee socks above the knee).

A character that is equipped with such weapon can annihilate vast amounts of brain cells, which can amount to an intense moe~ness that is so destructive that one can overcome one’s AT field in less than 0.03 seconds.

found from here

still blur to what really is zettai ryouiki?

Fear not! for we have the pictures to show as well!

dang dang~*drums rolling*


“This is! Hirano Aya’s[san] Absolute Territory DADADA!”

is when times like this, how you wish you have the money to fly to Akiba..once.

anyways, Hirano-san’s 3rd single of the year : LOVE★GUN is out for sale starting from Oct 10!

and although i was just a little late…but hmm…happy moe day to all![belated one at that >_<]

and do remember to support Hirano Aya by buying her single! :3


Happy Birthday, Hirano-san! :3

October 8, 2007



the voice behind Lumiere from Kiddy Grade, behind the fabulous Haruhi-dancho, behind Mei from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, behind the Kira-lover, Misamisa-chan from Death Note, behind our beloved otaku fangirl, Konata.


>__< there’s still few more roles, just that i have yet to catch them yet.

おたんじょび おめでと、平野綾ーさん![not too sure bout the Kanji…so decided to use the Hiragana >__<]

hope she can climb to greater heights in the seiyuu industry and strive on! so as in one day she is able to come our little island.[unrealistic dream, but then again there’s a possibility no? XD]

i will be waiting! :3

and i done a little banner for her, this is actually the first time i made a banner using people, so yea…^__^;


a happy 20th birthday to you, Hirano-san! (:

sidenote : this reminds me that i need to pre-order my copy of her latest photobook, named 1/19 Bpm in kinokuniya, probably tomorrow. kyaa….hope that my wallet has enough moolahs to buy the photobook home!