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dang dang! alas, a newcomer to the scene!

October 21, 2007


*throws confetti around the place*

my new writer, also known as Nothing-onee will be joining me in my blog officially from today!

a new blogging experience for me…kyaa…i hope she enjoys posting here too!

need to generate a new name for this blog soon.



Piece of old news!

October 3, 2007



but welll…it will be out next year when i checked at

but then again, that’s gonna be another reason why im buying a PS2.

doki doki~

School Rumble 1st OP : Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko

September 29, 2007

bishoujo desho desho?

This picture has no relation to this entire post at all.

sidenote : Onna no ko(女の子) is female while Otoko no ko(男の子) is male in Jap.

yea, i do know im slow. but then it was now when i find the translation of it…i find this song is so real cute same as the vocals. SO KAII. O A O


Kyon is such an interesting guy. really.

September 28, 2007


…when i just stretched my lazy bones to search for the translation for Kentai Life Returns![when this song is out liek some centuries ago?]

and the sudden search produced an unexpected result : the english translation of it.

IT’S SO CUTE, DAMMIT! *blushes*


oh wait. maybe it’s just me. LOL

translation found here


Cold Blooded Teen

September 19, 2007

eh no, im not much of a type who likes to read the news. No thanks to the last episode of School Days got axed due to this incident, i never knew such cold blooded incident took place in a ohh-i-thought-the-so-friendly Japan.

Read this, this as well as this to find out more.

The girl, a vocational school student, stands accused of murder. She admitted to the allegations during questioning.

“I attacked him. I hate my father,” the girl, whose name is being withheld under the Juvenile Law, was quoted as telling investigators. Local police are grilling her over the motives for her crime.

Police said the 16-year-old, who cannot be named because she is a minor, attacked her father as he was sleeping on the second floor of their home in Kyotanabe at about 4 a.m. on Tuesday, bringing the ax down on her his neck and killing him.

An autopsy showed that he died almost instantly from loss of blood. Injuries were found on five or six places on his body, including his neck and his left hand.

“I cut him several times,” police quoted the girl as saying.

The teen’s older sister said their father had been kind and considerate.

“He never treated us violently,” she said. (Mainichi)

supposedly, what the teen’s sister said was true, is this but another sudden trigger of urge to kill a person going into the teen’s mind, and killed her father at that?

if that’s the case, im rather disturbed by the thought of it, of hating the person and wanting the person to be dead.

and the thing is that, this teen is unusually calm even after the murder.

Just what is the world becoming to?


September 19, 2007


no sub paper.


Classic conversation of the Day

September 18, 2007

Cheryl : “So, what makes me think that im the only child in the family?”

Me : “err…cause I didnt really hear you mentioning that u have siblings to me before”

Cheryl : “that’s because u never asked me before.”

Cheryl : “And, i got a sister and a brother”

Me : *goes D:*

in another hour, i will be receiving my S1 results…

kyaaa……die liao. [.__.]

After thoughts : Honey & Clover

August 10, 2007

it’s a long and tedious process, as a matter of fact.

for i was unable to get the story and was re-reading it so as to understand the plot stories better. and due to money issues[cash-strapped currently @_@], i got my copy of the last volume just yesterday.


the Wonders of Sharing

August 10, 2007

ps. provided your computer can read chinese >_o

Heaven or Hell, make your choice.


August 5, 2007

cant exactly say im out of the depression track for now.

but after talking among my friends, guess my mood got really lighten up a little.


but i think the most goes to listening to Kyon’s singing.

Kyon cracks me up. x)