Why isnt my birthday near this month?

October 10, 2007 by

kknm 13th October Releases


im utterly broke.

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Happy Birthday, Hirano-san! :3

October 8, 2007 by



the voice behind Lumiere from Kiddy Grade, behind the fabulous Haruhi-dancho, behind Mei from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, behind the Kira-lover, Misamisa-chan from Death Note, behind our beloved otaku fangirl, Konata.


>__< there’s still few more roles, just that i have yet to catch them yet.

おたんじょび おめでと、平野綾ーさん![not too sure bout the Kanji…so decided to use the Hiragana >__<]

hope she can climb to greater heights in the seiyuu industry and strive on! so as in one day she is able to come our little island.[unrealistic dream, but then again there’s a possibility no? XD]

i will be waiting! :3

and i done a little banner for her, this is actually the first time i made a banner using people, so yea…^__^;


a happy 20th birthday to you, Hirano-san! (:

sidenote : this reminds me that i need to pre-order my copy of her latest photobook, named 1/19 Bpm in kinokuniya, probably tomorrow. kyaa….hope that my wallet has enough moolahs to buy the photobook home!

K-K-Konata Nendoroido!

October 3, 2007 by


I have always hold a great obsession towards Good Smile Company’s Nendoroido Series.

Unfortunately, thanks to current financial strapped status, i wasnt able to own any of the series yet.

however, tell me who can refuse a female gamer otaku Kotona Konata?

and it comes with one of famous food icon : the coronet.

and not forgetting the SOS Dan bag. :3


kyaaa…..aint she cute? >__< 4000 yen is rather cheap

予約期間 2007年9月10日2007年10月30日まで
発売元 キャラアニ
購入可能数 お一人様 5 個まで
決済方法 クレジット/コンビニ/郵便振替/代金引換/ネットコンビニ

find more about her here.

I can see what you did there.

October 3, 2007 by

imagine having this poster sticked at the toilets of any of your usual shopping malls.


sidenote : This is the Gents, for the Ladies, it’s at the 3rd storey 

Piece of old news!

October 3, 2007 by



but welll…it will be out next year when i checked at playasia.com

but then again, that’s gonna be another reason why im buying a PS2.

doki doki~

i has a bad feeling.

October 3, 2007 by


about my this month expenditure, it’s gonna drill a HUGE hole in my wallet.

/me facepalm.

and…kahh, im tempted to grab the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann handphone strap off kknm the next time i’m visiting.

DO WANT. >_<ll

but…am financially-strapped at the moment. kyaaa…

*cries with manly tears*

ps: yeah, this post makes no sense

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

October 3, 2007 by


haiz, im helpless when i see girls with guns. = w =. Yoko-chan FTW!!

i guess my life got really got sucked up purely just to watch the whole series with all i can. @__@

as many had already said and it doesnt makes much more of the difference but then again : this show is real epic, no doubt about it.

it was quite a blow to take when Kamina was dead. It was like suddenly missing a strong pillar of strength, and looks more like the story was on its verge to collapsing[well, i always thought Kamina was one of the main character, and in my concept of animes(lol) main characters hardly dies] it was when yet another birth of a character:Nia

the first time i set my eyes on her, it was like “I WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME!!!1111ONEONE” but then again i digress..>_>




the sudden twist in the story often kept surprising me and that alone is probably a factor that made me to continue this whole series with the passion to carry on.

the struggle within what’s good and bad can be clearly seen in Tengen, especially when it’s the last few episodes. Sometimes I will have a problem to believe in who’s in the right or in the wrong. It’s hard to judge and it made me realised that even in reality, we too will also faced the similar problem like this. It’s a simple question, but it is rather a tough nut to crack as well.



hence, spread the love of tengen toppa gurren lagann today if you had yet to watch it!

but in the end, believing is yet a great force that we humans can embrace and that was what the anime had been preaching all day long, i believe. >_<

i have no idea whether this even works in the real world, but then again, i think, there’s something valuable in Tengen we all can learn from.

probably the lack of mecha anime i watched but this is one anime that got me glued up that much.

a big thanks to Gainax and the people involved who bring us yet another good series!

and lolwutz!!? they are coming out with a nintendo DS game this month?

da jie, i might require ur DS for some days if that's the case. kthx!!

believe in the me who believes in teh j00!

October 3, 2007 by


doesnt grown up Simon resembles like Lelouch, especially with that new outfit of his?

or was it just me?

ps: marathon-ing a show never feels so good. 3 more episodes to go!

new banner nano desu! :3

October 2, 2007 by

-___-ll am utterly disappointed with my photoshop skills.

but then again.

i will improve someday somewhat! ‘^’o [after all, a Man can dream]


done within : 40 mins x_xlll

sauce : here , here

I nearly died.

October 1, 2007 by

Japan itself had tons of inventions for just everything. really

for example some years back, i remember of an invention which cater to lonely single females in Japan and that these lonely girls who are desperate really want a boyfriend and yet couldnt find one due to some reasons or another can sink into the warm hugs of hmm…the so-called boyfriend pillows.

find out more @ here

however, now for the single males in Japan[do i hear people mentioning otakus and hikikomori?] they also can get their hands full with these….girlfriend pillows.

sauce from here

i can see that with all these weird and funny inventions, i wouldnt be surprised if you were to tell me that Japaneses are a bunch of happy people, but then again, i digress.