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Is it all over?

October 24, 2007


The Japanese government issued a formal statement of requests to the government of the United States on regulatory reform and market competition policy on October 18, and included a request for the United States to help stop the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of Japanese animation online. Specifically, the formal statement mentions the spread of Japanese animation and other materials on video-sharing sites and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

sauce : animenewsnetwork

first Odex, now this.

I guess, it’s back to saving more money and start to buy the R2 releases. >__<


Yup,I’m Nothing!

October 22, 2007

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I’m the newcomer here,Nothing!Arigatou to Imouto-chan on inviting me to blog here.^^And I will be blogging sometimes only,because I don’t really often blog.But I’m interested to blog here!Moe is just win!(Gomen for the poor picture)

no time!

October 16, 2007


and i finally have time to spare to watch Get Rea![although it was a repeat telecast, and i finally reminded myself to watch it] today cause i was told that they will be talking about the Odex saga and one of the local anime blogger zer0 is also being interviewed about his thoughts towards this particular issue.[ever since he attracted 4 riot police buses due to the photo taking session of the mini figurine protest against Odex]

it is impressive for him to do that, cause i will never do that even i was one of the enraged anime fans. i failed as a proclaimed fangirl. anyways, i digress. >_>
there’s was also other 2 more people who also got interviewed as well, but they were the ones who had received the holy letter. Obviously they arent very happy about it and was mentioning about things that had been raised repeatedly again and again in the forums. [but then again, probably they got interviewed long ago so i cant really comment much =x]

but overall Get Rea! is rather interesting, cause not only the odex fiasco is being mentioned, there’s also about how many surveillance cameras do we actually have stored in our tiny island[it’s quite a stunning number, though i cant remember much about the figures x_x]


watched Minami-ke today, the 3 sisters got me roaring in laughter. While looking upon at Kana’s weird and strange actions in the anime, reminded me of Morita in Honey & Clover, i couldnt help but to agree that she’s like the female version of him itself.

and lols, Chiaki is a zettai ryouiki grade A user. LOLWIN!

Dragonaut – the reasonace-

October 12, 2007

*i apologize for no images this time round >__<lll 

after hearing a couple of times of the OP[perfect blue by ATSUMI], the song hit on me and now it is into my one list of hawt favorite songs. lol

however, i wasnt really impressed by the animation[probably i watched too much bishoujo animes] i find the animation was rather disappointing though >_> even though the story itself is good.

looks to me the series is worth watching, will continue to watch this series![not because of those naked guys scenes, i swear!]

there’s still of couple of fall animes that i have left unwatched, say, Shana 2, Genshiken 2, ef ~ a tale of memories~, Ghost Hound, as well as Myself ; Yourself.

kyaa…need moar time nano desu!! D:

ps: Clannad FTW! am hooked up totally especially the kaii ED.. > //< makes me wanna bake some bread that has a cracker inside and force someone to swallow it all up and he/she has to say it is nice. mwaha

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

October 3, 2007


haiz, im helpless when i see girls with guns. = w =. Yoko-chan FTW!!

i guess my life got really got sucked up purely just to watch the whole series with all i can. @__@

as many had already said and it doesnt makes much more of the difference but then again : this show is real epic, no doubt about it.

it was quite a blow to take when Kamina was dead. It was like suddenly missing a strong pillar of strength, and looks more like the story was on its verge to collapsing[well, i always thought Kamina was one of the main character, and in my concept of animes(lol) main characters hardly dies] it was when yet another birth of a character:Nia

the first time i set my eyes on her, it was like “I WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME!!!1111ONEONE” but then again i digress..>_>




the sudden twist in the story often kept surprising me and that alone is probably a factor that made me to continue this whole series with the passion to carry on.

the struggle within what’s good and bad can be clearly seen in Tengen, especially when it’s the last few episodes. Sometimes I will have a problem to believe in who’s in the right or in the wrong. It’s hard to judge and it made me realised that even in reality, we too will also faced the similar problem like this. It’s a simple question, but it is rather a tough nut to crack as well.



hence, spread the love of tengen toppa gurren lagann today if you had yet to watch it!

but in the end, believing is yet a great force that we humans can embrace and that was what the anime had been preaching all day long, i believe. >_<

i have no idea whether this even works in the real world, but then again, i think, there’s something valuable in Tengen we all can learn from.

probably the lack of mecha anime i watched but this is one anime that got me glued up that much.

a big thanks to Gainax and the people involved who bring us yet another good series!

and lolwutz!!? they are coming out with a nintendo DS game this month?

da jie, i might require ur DS for some days if that's the case. kthx!!

believe in the me who believes in teh j00!

October 3, 2007


doesnt grown up Simon resembles like Lelouch, especially with that new outfit of his?

or was it just me?

ps: marathon-ing a show never feels so good. 3 more episodes to go!

School Days Finale

September 28, 2007

subs are finally out at your nearby[lol?] pool of resources.

and whadaya know?


fantastic, is what i can say as my sadistic blood in me starts to run.

spoiler alert yo.


Believe in the Eva Yahoo Widgets which believes in the gaijin otaku!

September 24, 2007


apparently, i just installed the Eva Yahoo Widgets[which i managed to blindly click through the whole installation progress with those moonspeak x_x]

i so want to get the itunes-tan~ oO A Oo

there’s actually a total of 11 characters flashing[you can also set at just flash only your hawt fave character] at some certain intervals[which you can also adjust] and what i can say now is…

uber kewl.

as the characters[for me, mine is set to “ランダム表示”(show characters randomly. i guess)] flashes at the interval you had adjusted, they will show different emotions at each interval or say something[words appeared at the speech bubbles, how i wish they can speak too >__<]

cause i set it in a way that this clock widget will appear at the top of all windows, sometimes, i really think they can interact to what i was doing and react into something.


KKnM’s 2007 CharaFest is here!!

August 14, 2007


The annual Charafest is here again.

seriously, this is the first time that i will be going there officially…lol


and i dun even have much money. boo boo. =(

and lol, i heard that putting the banner above might be able to get something from kknm. not that i have the chance to have the says local anime bloggers… a local. can i be entitled for this?

loool, im so desperate for the prize i guess ^^;;


ps : click on the banner to check the release list (on 23th Aug) (:

After thoughts : Honey & Clover

August 10, 2007

it’s a long and tedious process, as a matter of fact.

for i was unable to get the story and was re-reading it so as to understand the plot stories better. and due to money issues[cash-strapped currently @_@], i got my copy of the last volume just yesterday.