Hau~au~au~ boku wa Hanyuu nano desu! Hauu~

November 28, 2007 by

I nearly died.

`nuff said. IT’S FRICKING MO’E! O A Oo


Howdy, long awaited CY Bazzar is here again!

October 26, 2007 by

after a new shift of its location from Alexandra Park to near Bukit Merah Central….




CY Bazaar is here once again!

so save your money starting from today onwards to get yourself some of your favourite mangas at a much more lower prices and some are as low as 50 cents!

starting from the 23 Nov onwards[make a note on your calendar!], so there’s still some time for you to save some moolah and splurge on the bazaar itself!

gah, cant wait for it. Hope to get some kewl books from there once again! :3

More details here!

ps: anyone going?

Is it all over?

October 24, 2007 by


The Japanese government issued a formal statement of requests to the government of the United States on regulatory reform and market competition policy on October 18, and included a request for the United States to help stop the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of Japanese animation online. Specifically, the formal statement mentions the spread of Japanese animation and other materials on video-sharing sites and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

sauce : animenewsnetwork

first Odex, now this.

I guess, it’s back to saving more money and start to buy the R2 releases. >__<

Yup,I’m Nothing!

October 22, 2007 by

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I’m the newcomer here,Nothing!Arigatou to Imouto-chan on inviting me to blog here.^^And I will be blogging sometimes only,because I don’t really often blog.But I’m interested to blog here!Moe is just win!(Gomen for the poor picture)

dang dang! alas, a newcomer to the scene!

October 21, 2007 by


*throws confetti around the place*

my new writer, also known as Nothing-onee will be joining me in my blog officially from today!

a new blogging experience for me…kyaa…i hope she enjoys posting here too!

need to generate a new name for this blog soon.


*spin, spin, spin*

October 17, 2007 by

*really cant think of any appropriate post titles*


meh, im being teh bored for the day i guess.

damm, i just realised, i actually cannot niconico around using my school server.


the rozen maidens does this when they are mad, really. 

argh….screw the server filter system or whatever u name it.

Learnt how to use the Eclpise program for today, indeed i learnt something new today. However, i really am confused at the rate the lecturer is going about teaching the basics of the program. Here i was, trying to install the program[which comes in 3 different zip files separately] and there she was going through the swing components. D:

and left me into complete frenzy-ness cause i had no freaking clue what’s going on. geez.

RAWRZ! yea yea, im just that slow. >_> kthx

communication skills lessons was rather enjoyable though i just feel that time is going on a snail speed bias and usually it’s when times like this, lessons tend to be boring.

i ponder what sort of analogy can you call that. LOL

no time!

October 16, 2007 by


and i finally have time to spare to watch Get Rea![although it was a repeat telecast, and i finally reminded myself to watch it] today cause i was told that they will be talking about the Odex saga and one of the local anime blogger zer0 is also being interviewed about his thoughts towards this particular issue.[ever since he attracted 4 riot police buses due to the photo taking session of the mini figurine protest against Odex]

it is impressive for him to do that, cause i will never do that even i was one of the enraged anime fans. i failed as a proclaimed fangirl. anyways, i digress. >_>
there’s was also other 2 more people who also got interviewed as well, but they were the ones who had received the holy letter. Obviously they arent very happy about it and was mentioning about things that had been raised repeatedly again and again in the forums. [but then again, probably they got interviewed long ago so i cant really comment much =x]

but overall Get Rea! is rather interesting, cause not only the odex fiasco is being mentioned, there’s also about how many surveillance cameras do we actually have stored in our tiny island[it’s quite a stunning number, though i cant remember much about the figures x_x]


watched Minami-ke today, the 3 sisters got me roaring in laughter. While looking upon at Kana’s weird and strange actions in the anime, reminded me of Morita in Honey & Clover, i couldnt help but to agree that she’s like the female version of him itself.

and lols, Chiaki is a zettai ryouiki grade A user. LOLWIN!


October 12, 2007 by


i actually found Darker than Black’s OST as well as Claymore’s OST on sale on amk hub today.

D: im very surprised as both DtB and Claymore ended not long ago.

>___< whoaaaa….i need moar moolahs!!!

Dragonaut – the reasonace-

October 12, 2007 by

*i apologize for no images this time round >__<lll 

after hearing a couple of times of the OP[perfect blue by ATSUMI], the song hit on me and now it is into my one list of hawt favorite songs. lol

however, i wasnt really impressed by the animation[probably i watched too much bishoujo animes] i find the animation was rather disappointing though >_> even though the story itself is good.

looks to me the series is worth watching, will continue to watch this series![not because of those naked guys scenes, i swear!]

there’s still of couple of fall animes that i have left unwatched, say, Shana 2, Genshiken 2, ef ~ a tale of memories~, Ghost Hound, as well as Myself ; Yourself.

kyaa…need moar time nano desu!! D:

ps: Clannad FTW! am hooked up totally especially the kaii ED.. > //< makes me wanna bake some bread that has a cracker inside and force someone to swallow it all up and he/she has to say it is nice. mwaha

Just in case you had no idea what’s a Zettai Ryouiki means

October 11, 2007 by

絶対領域[zettai ryouiki] or roughly translate it, and you will get “Absolute Territory”.

and the definition of this highly destructive moe element :

“Absolute territory” is the section of the skin that is exposed between the mini-skirt and the overknee socks. The ideal ratio should be 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt : absolute territory : length of overknee socks above the knee).

A character that is equipped with such weapon can annihilate vast amounts of brain cells, which can amount to an intense moe~ness that is so destructive that one can overcome one’s AT field in less than 0.03 seconds.

found from here

still blur to what really is zettai ryouiki?

Fear not! for we have the pictures to show as well!

dang dang~*drums rolling*


“This is! Hirano Aya’s[san] Absolute Territory DADADA!”

is when times like this, how you wish you have the money to fly to Akiba..once.

anyways, Hirano-san’s 3rd single of the year : LOVE★GUN is out for sale starting from Oct 10!

and although i was just a little late…but hmm…happy moe day to all![belated one at that >_<]

and do remember to support Hirano Aya by buying her single! :3